Aerial videography is the new gold standard for high-end real estate listings, and it’s helping agents sell properties faster.

But now, aerial drone videography is edging its way out of the $1M+ market and into complete listing packages for top-producing agents. It’s more than just a way to sell properties faster; agents who use drone videography end up earning more listings than those who don’t offer it.

drone aerial photography concept – reviewing aerial pictures of Fort Collins downtown on a digital tablet with a drone rotor and radio control transmitter,

4 Benefits of Aerial Drone Videography for Real Estate Agents

Drone videography has several benefits for agents, and if you’ve never considered it, now is the time. Check out these five unbeatable benefits and see how this type of marketing could work for you.

#1: It Helps Buyers Figure Out Spatial Relationships

Buyers who search for homes online (and that’s roughly 90 percent of them) have a tough time visualizing space and putting together spatial relationships, but real estate drone videos like this one show the relationships between homes, natural features and outdoor living space so buyers get a more comprehensive mental picture of the property before they call for a tour.

#2: People Share Real Estate Drone Videos Online

People share listing photos pretty frequently, but when you have something novel – like aerial drone video – your listings are more likely to be shared. Facebook alone gets over 8 billion video views every day. When those listings also incorporate interactive 3D tours, people dive into the immersive experience.

#3: It’s About More Than Just Drumming Up Interest in a Specific Property

While drone videography does help sell homes faster, it’s also a great tool for getting new listings. Showing what you’re able to do to market other peoples’ homes has always been the way to a seller’s heart, but aerial drone videography is a cut above what most other agents are doing… and it distinguishes you from the rest of the agents parading through talking about basic high-resolution photography and

#4: Consumers Prefer Drone Videos

The statistics say that homes with aerial images sell 68 percent faster than those with standard images, and that:

  • 86% of buyers use videos to learn about communities before they move
  • 54% watch real estate videos for general information when they see a home they like
  • 44% of buyers use videos to compare their home choices
  • 38% say they use videos to learn about a home’s specific features

Is Aerial Drone Video Cost-Effective?

Aerial drone videography prices are exceptionally cost-effective, particularly considering how much faster homes sell with these types of videos and that packages also include high-res photos of the home that agents can use across all marketing platforms. When combined with 3D virtual tours, the return on investment increases exponentially because agents who use them are able to market in ways that other agents aren’t even considering. When homes sell faster, agents are more capable of picking up new listings (using previous listings as part of a portfolio doesn’t hurt, either), and the cycle continues.

Ready to Talk About Drone Videography in Your Real Estate Marketing?

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