You took the shot and it didn’t drop.

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist. Allow our skilled pilot equipped with cutting-edge drone technology utilizing thermal imaging to locate it for you.

“The least disruptive method to confirm the hunts success and retrieve your deer”

M30T With Spotlight and Controller

Get the advantage claim your killed deer!

Throughout the regular season, our confidence in locating the animal within the search area is high.
In the early season, while the trees still bear leaves, locating a downed animal becomes more challenging. Despite our efforts, finding the animal may be hampered by the obstruction caused by the tree canopy.


You Make the Call (724) 680-0861

We prioritize your call by employing a central dispatcher. In instances where the pilot is occupied in the field, reaching them directly might not always be feasible. Having a dispatcher enables us to promptly gather your information and expedite the scheduling of your search. The dispatcher collects essential details during the call and subsequently contacts the pilot to secure your appointment. Once the pilot confirms the appointment time, either the pilot or dispatcher will get back to you.

Pilot is Scheduled

Once the pilot receives your information they will keep you updated their status and expected arrival time. They may also contact you for additional information.

Pilot Arrives on Site

Once the pilot reaches the location, they’ll gather the most up-to-date information from you and devise a search strategy. They’ll launch the aircraft and commence the search for the lost animal. You’ll have the opportunity to observe the drone’s perspective via an external monitor in real-time.

The Technology

A Thermal Camera, a Spotlight, and a Zoom Camera

Through thermal imaging, we can detect heat signatures and details that could indicate the presence of animals. By employing a zoom camera and spotlight, we enhance our ability to observe and scrutinize the animals in detail.

The central red blip in the image represents a heat signature. By activating the zoom feature and spotlight, we can precisely determine the nature of this blip.

Heat detected in center of photoZoom in to verify target.


Upon acquiring a target, we zoom in to allow you to confirm whether it is the animal you targeted. Subsequently, we assess its condition—whether deceased, unlikely to survive, or showing signs of potential recovery.

If the animal is confirmed deceased, we provide precise GPS coordinates for you to retrieve it at your convenience.

However, if the animal is anything other than deceased, we cease the search immediately. We return the drone to the landing zone and inform you that we cannot disclose the animal’s location as it is still alive.

Our experience and customer service is the right recipe for success!

Drone pilots vary in skill and expertise. Our extensive experience specifically with thermal drones sets us apart. We prioritize customer service above all else, and it's this dedication that distinguishes us due to our accumulated experience and commitment to our customers.

Thermal Drone Animal Search

Thermal technology relies on temperature variations. When the sun is shining, it adds unwanted energy to all objects, making the optimal time for using thermal technology during nighttime or under overcast skies. It's important to note that thermal cameras have limitations—they cannot penetrate walls or dense foliage. Late fall, when trees shed their leaves, becomes the most effective period to leverage this technology.
Although deer recovery using drones is presently not permitted in Pennsylvania, we are conveniently located just minutes away from the Ohio border and extend our deer recovery service within Eastern Ohio.