As a real estate agent, you’ve heard about Matterport 3D Tours – but unless you’ve seen one in action, you might not grasp just how much they can enhance your listings, bring in more qualified buyers, and set you apart as the agent who does what it takes to sell homes quickly (and at the right price).

What is a Matterport 3D Tour?

A Matterport 3D tour is a virtual representation of a home, office space or commercial building. With technology that blends 2D and 3D data into a completely interactive experience, potential buyers and tenants can tour the space from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – and Matterport tours are compatible with virtual reality devices, too, which means your clients can essentially walk through the home before they call you for an in-person tour. It creates 4K photography that’s good enough for print, too.

Why Successful Agents Choose Matterport

Matterport 3D Tours are in higher demand than virtual tours of the past; the slideshows that agents used even a few years ago to market homes aren’t nearly as effective as immersive tours are.® says that consumers rank 3D virtual home tours as the second-most desired feature in the home search experience (it’s right behind large, high-resolution photos).

According to Redfin, homes with Matterport 3D walkthroughs sell an average of 10 days faster and for $50,100 more than comparable homes do when listing agents also use advanced presentation technology and take good care of their clients.

Of agents who use Matterport tours:

  • 90% say that Matterport helps them build a stronger brand
  • 83% say they’re more competitive in the market because of Matterport
  • 74% earn more listings because of Matterport

High-resolution photos are standard across the industry, so most agents are providing them. However, immersive, high-resolution and interactive tours can really set one listing above the rest. They also help agents in other ways, like priming potential buyers and weeding out people who aren’t interested enough for a physical tour; that saves agents time they can spend on buyers who are interested and informed.

Matterport Stats

Listings that feature Matterport 3D tours get:

  • 40% more clicks than those without
  • 95% more phone calls
  • 65% more email inquiries
  • 49% more qualified leads

Where Matterport Tours Work

You can place Matterport tours on any site that supports embedded video, and it’s as easy as including a YouTube video of a flat video tour. Even on sites that don’t support embedded video, you can typically add an external link to the tour. On some sites, you can even select a Matterport 3D tour as the listing’s primary photo to immerse your viewers in the space.

Thinking About Using Matterport to Sell Faster and Earn More Listings?

All of our packages include MLS-compliant embed code, branded and non-branded links so you’re free to use your 3D Matterport tour anywhere. You can learn more about:

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