Real Estate / Construction Services

High Definition Real Estate Video Tours

High Definition Video ToursOur High Definition Video Tours are 3-7 minutes long and include background music. We provide branded and unbranded version of the video. We capture the property in a way that pictures cannot, using high definition cameras and state the latest stabilizing equipment. The HD video tour is not a photo slide show but real video capture. We let you pick the important aspects of the property and highlight them in the shoot. Includes both interior and exterior video of the property. Exterior aerial video is part of the package unless we cannot fly in the area. Area attractions and points of interest are included at your request.
*Scripted voiceovers are an available add-on.

Virtual Walkthroughs

An immersive experience that lets buyers naturally move through the property seeing every inch in detail. Great for out of town buyers and promoting rental properties. This is the first walkthrough a prospective buyer has of the property. It allows buyers to narrow their search online saving you and them valuable time. Using a specialized camera and hosting the buyer can virtually walk through the property as if being there. The camera not only captures the images of the spaces but also provides rough measurements.

Twilight Photograph

Twilight PhotographyThe money shot for most properties. This shot makes an ordinary home look incredible. It also hides subtle imperfections. A twilight photograph provides a warm and intimate shot of the property. It provides the buyer with a sense of returning home to a warm and welcoming home each night. A twilight photograph just oozes prestige and elegance.
*Virtual Walkthroughs or HD Video Tours can be scheduled during the golden hours around sunrise or sunset for an additional fee.


By providing Virtual Walkthroughs, your model is open 24/7/365. Adding HD video tour provides the customer with not only a detailed look at the property but can highlight local amenities and promote the development as a neighborhood. Most buyers know in what area they wish to live. Make buyers want to live in your subdivision/community.

Construction Progress Updates

Construction progress photos and video can provide valuable updates to customers and let the builder/contractor highlight their progress. When doing projects for groups/businesses this lets them share the progress amongst all interested parties.

Single Page Websites

We provide a single property website with each Virtual walkthrough or video shoot. This is hosted on our site and links are provided. Custom domain names, if available, can be added for an additional charge. Realtor/Brokerage/Builder web pages are also available to showcase all the properties/developments we have done for a particular client.
*Payment required at time of the shoot.
**We only shoot during good sunny weather. The property must be staged for the shoot. Additional charges apply if we have to do any staging of the property. Pricing is based on a single listing of property for a period of 6 months. Additional licensing fees are required after first 6 months. Licensing for builders and rentals extra.