Virtual reality and 3D interactive home tours are the future of real estate marketing – nearly every successful real estate agent will tell you that.

But why? And how can you take advantage of the innovative services available to make sure you’re selling homes faster (and for more money) than your competitors are?

Matterport Isn’t the Future of Real Estate Marketing

Matterport isn’t the future of real estate marketing – it’s the present. It’s here, it’s what buyers want, and it’s what helps sell homes. Smart agents know that they have to meet buyers where they want to be, and because the largest segment of first-time home buyers grew up using technology as second-nature, agents using Matterport virtual reality and 3D tours are more successful than those who aren’t.

Why Matterport is Upending Traditional Real Estate Sales

Thirty-four percent of first-time buyers are millennials – the generation that grew up with smartphones, iPads and laptops. They’re more comfortable using tech and diving into interactive virtual experiences than any generation before them, and they’re used to getting them. Even without millennials, it’s worth noting that 95 percent of buyers start a home search online; that means every agent worth his or her salt will do everything possible to make listings more appealing and easier to access online.

Millennials and other smart buyers demand good experiences, which are waiting for them at every turn online. If they don’t get the immersive, interactive experience they want from you, they’ll go elsewhere to find it. (And if your competitor is the one offering it, your competitor is going to do better than you are. That’s the bottom line.)

Matterport is far livelier than flat video home “tours” that simply scroll photos across the screen, or than tours that involve a real estate agent walking a cellphone through a house. It’s interactive, so potential buyers can virtually “walk through” a home without getting up off the sofa.

How Long Does it Take to Buy a Home?

The average home purchase is a long process. The statistics say:

  • The average buyer takes between 30 and 60 days to find homes they’re interested in online.
  • Obtaining financing typically takes between 30 and 60 days.
  • From contract to close, the process takes between 14 and 60 days.

With Matterport 3D tours, where a buyer can jump right into a house from his or her own living room, the time to search for homes decreases dramatically. When buyers get the personal tour experience that was traditionally only available to people who scheduled in-person tours, they’re able to get more excited about seeing a home in person – and they call agents a lot faster than those who only see high-resolution photos.

Here’s what the statistics say; listings with Matterport tours:

  • Get 40% more clicks than those without interactive tours
  • Receive 95% more phone calls
  • Get 65% more email inquires
  • Receive 49% more qualified leads

Ready to Talk About the Future of Real Estate Marketing Using Matterport?

Now is the time to start offering Matterport 3D interactive tours to your clients. If your competitors are already doing it, they’re leaving you in the dust. If they’re not, you’re going to get a definite edge by using Matterport.

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