Ambridge Main Street Updates 6/25/2019:

Detailed Aerial View of Streetscape Work (Main Street Updates) 6.25.2019

WOW! Ambridge’s Main Street Project is moving right along. They are still making progress in between the massive amounts of rain we have been getting.

The project known as the streetscape improvement project is updating sidewalks, removing overhead utilities, replacing street lamps with more ornamental ones, new street signs, landscaping, ADA improvements, decorative crosswalks, and more. The project is to update the areas along Merchant Street between 4th and 8th Streets.

This shows a progress update of Ambridge’s Streetscape work occurring on Merchant Street between 4th and 5th Streets. You can see the sidewalks on the East(left) side of the street are almost complete, the brick crosswalks are nearly finished, and that they are doing extensive preparation work for the West(right) sidewalks.

You can zoom in a look around. There are two different views you can see here. You have a Map view that you can zoom in and see the details on the bricks and a Model view in which you can rotate the view and walk through.

We captured images on 6.25.2019 and made a map/model of the work being done in Ambridge on the Streetscape project. The area mapped was about 10 acres.

We are going to try to keep up with weekly updates by remapping the work areas once a week.  Please like us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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