Monaca # 5 VFC Social Hall

Contact us to schedule your hall rental today!

Monaca # 5 VFC Social Hall is available for rentals. It is $150.00 plus a $50.00 security deposit. The hall can seat up to 100 people and is great for graduation parties and other social events. Schedule a rental, have a party, and enjoy time with family and friends.

We have two kinds of tables 60″ round tables and 8 foot long tables so you can set the hall up as you desire.

Contact Carrie Bonzo at 724-774-6816 to schedule your rental.

Graduation Season is Upon us Schedule your Graduation Party Rental Today! 

The model provided by Innovative Aerial Solutions, LLC

This is phase one of a two-phase project. It is an immersive interactive experience showcasing the social hall at Monaca # 5 VFC. The second phase will be a scan of the truck bays including 360-degree views inside our Fire Engine and Rescue Truck. This model will also be converted to a Google Street View model where you will be able to explore the Social Hall and Truck Bays directly from Google Maps! The model was captured by a Matterport camera that provides a unique 3D experience.

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Innovative Aerial Solutions, LLC

Monaca # 5 VFC Social Hall